ISSE Project

ISSE Project intents to support the EU objectives by increasing the visibility of social entrepreneurship by developing tools for new social entrepreneurs that allow them to professionalize their profile and support them to make their businesses sustainable in the future.

Project aims at making them gain a better understanding of the social economy sector and supporting them by reinforcing their managerial capacities, professionalism and networking opportunities.

ISSE specific objectives of the project are:

  • Raising awareness of the Social Economy by increasing the knowledge, skills and capacities of the stakeholders to support new social entrepreneurs;
  • Promoting and advocate about social entrepreneurship at local and European level;
  • Promoting leadership by focusing on the concept of the social entrepreneurship in general with specific attention on entrepreneurial skills, leadership and management, need and problem analysis and funding and financing;
  • - Promoting social entrepreneurship initiatives among adults by analyzing the changes taking place in their own countries and communities and to inspire them to consider self-employment as a career choice;
  • Providing (future) social entrepreneurs with access to training, mentoring and funding opportunities;
  • Increasing the inclusion of disadvantaged categories by promoting social enterprise;
  • Creating a strong and sustainable network of partners and associated partners;

The expected results can be summarized as follows:

  • Training material for both entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs' mentors
  • Support material for creating a social company
  • Innovative ICT tools that support the social entrepreneur and allow him to consolidate his business idea.